Vision Quest is a ”rite of passage” in many Native American cultures. The ceremony of the Vision Quest is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose for one’s life. A Vision Quest offers clarity into the next phase of life.

The Vision Quest is typically four days and nights of fasting in nature within a personal isolated altar. People who go on a Vision Quest are called Pledges. When someone is going on a Vision Quest, we call it “being planted on the hill” or “going on the mountain.”

The next vision quest is in June. Please visit our calendar to see when the next Quest camp is scheduled.

Why Do We Go On a Quest?

Humanity today needs more connection to nature, less social isolation, and more human contact. Direct proximity to earth, water, fire and air through each day is a huge benefit for the body and our general health. During their Quest, the Pledges focus their heart, mind, body, and spirit on the guidance they are seeking.

Questing, is considered an ordeal, the four days and nights can challenge one's faith, physicality, and requires tremendous focus and fortitude in completing their commitment.

To learn more about Vision Quest and how to participate, contact an elder or Sweet Medicine.

If you are interested in attending our 2023 Vision Quest supporting camp, August 28th- Sept 2nd, we welcome you!

By attending camp, you are not being put on a quest. Camp is designed to be a village that supports those who have chosen to go on the mountain.

You will be joining our ongoing community's annual event. At Vision Quest camp we teach our principles, learn songs and explore healthy ways to incorporate these ancient methods into our lives today. We follow the “red road” native principles handed down by Elders who gave permission for this camp to be run annually. Our camp is usually made up of Elders/ facilitators and supporters.

To attend the 2023 Vision Quest Camp, please register and pay by Aug 1st.

You can pay in full or pay in three monthly installments.

Vision Quest Camp Details

Adult (21+) = $285
Elder (65+) and Young Adult (16-20) = $250
Children (0-15) Free

We are offering a payment plan for those that can't pay full amount at once -
Payment 1: Deposit $75.00USD.
Payment 2: $110.00USD (88.50 Elder & Young Adult)
Payment 3: $110.00USD (88.50 Elder & Young Adult)
Total: $285.00USD
Comple all 3 payments before August 1st 2023

Daily Rate - $60 Adult / $50 Elder and Young Adult

• 3 organic meals each day (5 days)
• Camp fees in the park
• Parking
• Firewood for Lodges
• At camp, we learn to keep a sacred vigil fire. This fire is the center of our camp and supports those who have gone through vigorous preparations (a year in advance) to be placed on the mountain for the Quest.
• We ask all camp attendees to help keep this fire going.
• Camp fire teachings each day
• Sweat Lodges
To attend the camp, we ask all participants to fill out a waiver. You can print this at home and bring to the camp.

Waiver Form

Pay in Full:

Ticket Type

Payment Plan

Payment Option