General Information

Sweat Lodges are a time for cleansing, purifying, and connecting to Spirit and the community. The ceremony takes place in a small, covered willow structure, where water is poured onto heated stones to create steam. Sweating in this way purifies our body, mind, and spirit.

Please be sure to drink plenty of water and/or electrolytes before the Lodge, as water bottles can not be brought inside with you.

Interested in joining us for a sweat? Great! All ages are welcome.

Call prior to the sweat lodge day if you need information or the specific address because on the day of the ceremony we will be outside.

Check our calendar to find out about upcoming sweats. Contact Tom Mann (Yellow Robe) at (503) 625-8048 to learn more about Portland area lodges.

Sweat Lodge Details

• In the lodge, we bring nothing except our bodies in modest clothing and our drums.
• Women wear long dresses with cap sleeves, or long skirts with t-shirts. 100% cotton is recommended for sweats. This is a tradition of modesty; please be mindful and do not wear tank tops or see-through clothing.
• Men wear long shorts in the lodge and are permitted to be shirtless.
• Please remove all metal: jewelry, watches, eye glasses, etc. These items can be placed on the altar for blessing. Wear contacts if necessary.
• Bring any items you would like blessed and place on the altar such as rings, personal bundles, pipes, and photos, etc.
• A potluck item, as we always feast after praying and purifying.
• A change of clothes, a sweatshirt, and at least one towel.
• A large bottle of water. You will lose a great deal of water during the Sweat, so replenishing yourself afterwards is important.
• A donation of $20 (no one turned away) and a package of tobacco or processed cedar to gift to the water pourer and fire tender.
• Be prepared to devote your day to the sweat lodge. From start to finish including the feast at the end, sweats are often an all day event.
• On snowy, icy, and windy days, please check your email the morning of the sweat lodge to make sure it has not been cancelled due to weather.
• We honor women on their moons and ask them to relax at home and spend that time nurturing themselves.
• Sweat lodges are done in four rounds, each round typically lasting 30 minutes or more. If at any time should you need to leave the sweat, you may excuse yourself by addressing the water pourer.
• Your suggested donations of $20 goes toward facility usage and enables us to offer these ceremonies.