We are a global, multi-generational community. We honor all genders, races, and know the future lies within our children.

Weaving the sacred web of kindred communities for over 40 years, Sweet Medicine Nation makes relations and assists in preserving traditional teachings aimed at guiding the “human soul purpose” by connecting with all tribes and religions of the Americas and abroad without borders. There is just one world and one family, which is all of us.

Four Winds wishes to acknowledge our sister communities, allowing others to connect with their offerings. In Sweet Medicine’s travels, she’s made relations and joined and shared teaching with thousands of people. All of you all are important to us, and we wish to thank you for being in our circle all over the globe.

Healing Communities


Julie Foster

Pohala Clinic a Place for Healing
SE Portland Oregon
(503) 525-0090

Linda Grass

Naturopathic PhD Physician
Tigard, Oregon
(503) 352-0002

Mahara Daniels

Oriental Medicine and Quantum Biofeedback
Santa Fe, NM
(505) 481-2421

Jenni Loque

DC and Intuitive/ Long Distance Healer
Los Angeles, California
(818) 619-4041

Max Ribner Band

Global Men’s Mentor & Medicine for the People Band Member
Max Ribner on FB