Want to attend or host a boys rite of passage?


On Sacred Ground we welcome our young men into manhood. By rekindling the authentic warrior through ceremony, the confusion and pain of adolescence can become fuel in the fire of transformation to adulthood…not as combatants, these warriors learn awareness and self-mastery in preparation for living in a challenging world. Participants rediscover their connection to nature, their community, and learn to appreciate their unique life's purpose.

In our camp of clear-seeing men, youth, and elders we work together to embody the new warrior model. Activities include: camping, sweat lodge, bonfire dancing, tracking, bow and arrow, hiking, tipi ceremonies, flute and drumming .

In a compassionate space, our circle will consider: Who am I? Who am I becoming as a man? What does it mean to be brave? How do I demonstrate courage and stand for integrity amidst daily challenges? The Warrior Code is a tradition of dedication to a cause greater than oneself and teaches useful skills to future generations. Participants learn fire-making, flint knapping, and other primitive skills of self-reliance which develop self-confidence and peacefulness.

Please visit our calendar to see when our boys' rite of passage is scheduled.