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If you are interested in hosting a girls' rite of passage, please contact Julie Foster, or call (503) 793-3875.
Across cultures the adolescent time in a girl's life marks a pivotal time of feminine development. It truly is an unfolding of trust, innocence, truth, self, and BEAUTY.

The Sacred Feminine embodies freedom, contemplation, love, friendship, at the heart of each girl’s being.

Experiential activities and ceremony are created for girls to step into the next phase of development.

Our girls' rites of passage ceremonies support the transition from ‘girl’ to ‘young woman’ to occur with confidence and peace.

The underpinnings of this offering are inclusive of all spiritual preferences, while honoring Indigenous perspectives (what is natural at one’s core). It the continuation or beginning for a young woman and mother to ask herself, “What does it mean to be a woman here on Mother Earth in our times?”

We discuss the reasons for Rites of Passage, their historical applications, and how they relate to our present culture.

Please visit our calendar to see when our girls' rite of passage is scheduled.