To make these wisdom teachings available to people of all races and ages so they may use them for the benefit of the earth and all our relations for the present day as well as for the next generations.

1. Host rite of passage ceremonies for boys and girls in order to give children healthy tools for their transition into adulthood 2. Provide hands-on opportunities for participants to learn native plant identification, native crafts, primitive skills and healthy eco-system maintenance 3. Guide ongoing native ways classes with adults and children 4. Host native ceremonies such as inipi (sweat lodge) and hanbleceya (vision quest), bringing in native elders to share their wisdom and experience


We honor the ancient teachings that state that these traditions must be passed on to all peoples in order to survive and to aid in the survival of the planet.

Join us in a Native Ways class or for one of our monthly sweat lodges. Visit our other websites and blog or call for times, location and additional information on these and other ongoing events. • •
  • This is an opportunity to get grounded on mother earth and with all the elements (water, earth, air and fire) in such a primal way. It allows me to get in touch with my deepest prayers and emotions in a safe place. I love the darkness, the silence, the singing, the sacred teachings and prayers, and uniqueness of the experience each time. And I appreciate sharing the experience with other people who come together in community to support each other.
    ~ Linda Grass, Naturopathic Physician
  • As a naturopathic physician and person committed to a healthIy lifestyle, I strive to live in a balanced and grounded way. However, I can easily get overwhelmed with the day-to-day details of a busy practice, and the inevitable stress of daily life. The inipi sweat lodge ceremonies are a profound reset for me.

    ~ Linda Grass, Naturopathic Physician