Sweat Lodge Schedule
December 12, 2017


**** JUNE 25-30, 2019 ****


For decades, one of our annual events is our Vision Quest Camp. This year we are changing this and focusing on all of us. We are offering a 6 day event of community, ceremony, learning and participating.
This will be a very special time led by Sweet Medicine Nation and Yellow Robe.
Some of the things you will experience are:
  • Fire Starting without Matches
  • Learn to Build Ceremonial Spaces
  • Organic Meals with instructions on cooking
  • Song Classes
  • Pipe Ceremonies
  • Sweat Lodge Purification
  • Cutting Away Ceremony
  • Medicine Circle Teachings
  • Giveaway Ceremony
    The teachings will answer questions such as :
  • What does it mean to support and to apply these ways to your own life, even if you aren’t doing a personal 4 day quest.
  • What does one experience as they “walk the red road”?
  • What does it mean to live in community and be a village?
    Other topics will include:
  • Meaning of Tobacco
  • Medicine Animal Teachings
  • 5 Levels of Life
  • 7 Sacred Ways of Walking
  • Why do we smudge?
  • What significance does the fire hold?
  • What are the 7 directions?

    All ages are welcome!!!!

    This 6 day camp is the perfect opportunity to learn, grow, live in community in nature and supporting the pledges that are walking toward the mountain. This is a sacred and special time to share with your entire family.
    Feel free to write to 4windsfoundation@gmail.com with questions. We will be sending out more information soon. Mark your calendars - June 25-30 for this very special opportunity to grow in community with the Four Winds Community Foundation.
    We are now opening a call for Primary Kitchen Planners please inquire for further information.
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